Hi loves! Usually this time of year is focused on gratitude and thanks giving, but did you know that November also hosts World Kindness Day? What better gift to give back to yourself or the world for the holidays.


This 25-minute heart-opening flow focuses on expansive poses, opening our heart through movement, but also our mind with accompanying affirmations.


In this class we will do lots of:
- Shoulder openers

- Hip openers

- Hamstring lengtheners

- Backbends

- Affirmation work woven throughout Flow sequences

- Ending with a very brief Loving Kindness Meditation


This sequence is inspired by phenomenal teacher, Melanie Salvatore-August, author of Fierce Kindness and most recently, Yoga to Support Immunity. 


COMMENT BELOW: What's your favorite way to practice loving kindness these days? Affirmation work? Small acts of kindness to strangers? General prayers to world?


May YOU be happy

May YOU be healthy

May YOU be safe

May YOU live with ease


Lots of love, Sarah