Here‘s what you need to know according to the American College of Sports Medicine. These guidelines are meant for active adults. “Active” meaning occasional walks and runs and you do a home workout here and there. If this is you, get ready to create a new plan for yourself with some intention!


I love the ACSM guidelines because the numbers they share are pretty accurate for when we as PT’s, Trainers, or Strength Coaches try to advise to our patients/clients. These numbers TRIGGER CHANGE in the body! 💪🏼

The best part is, you don’t have to do it all at once! Aim for both aerobic AND resistance training minutes in the week. Cumulative minutes can still benefit you  — you don’t have to do 30 minutes hour of aerobic cardio work non-stop. You can do 15 minutes walking to your local coffee shop and another 15 around the block after your WFH hours are done! Voila! 30 min towards the weekly goal!


Aerobic Training Guidelines

  • Aim for 2.5 to 5 hours of MODERATE intensity per week OR
  • 1–2.5 hours of VIGOROUS intensity per week
  • Spread out over multiple days
  • I.e. walking, running, cycling

Resistance Training Guidelines

  • 20 minutes has been shown to be beneficial, although this number is still uncertain
  • Aim for 2–3 sets of 8–12 reps
  • Movements should be SLOW & controlled
  • Target major muscle groups
  • Quality > Quantity
  • The last rep should be HARD but not IMPOSSIBLE
  • I.e. body weight exercises, weights, yoga

What is “moderate” and “vigorous” intensity?

If you’re not using target heart rate to help determine these ranges, you can use the Rate of Perceived Exertion and a scale of 0–10 to help gauge how you’re doing — with 0 being not hard at all, to 10 being very, very difficult.


  • Moderate intensity: you’re able to talk, but you can’t sing. About a 4/10 on the scale.
  • Vigorous intensity: you need to pause to say a few words. About a 6–10 on the scale.

Here’s a visual to help:



Source: maximizepotentialtx.com


So there you go. An easy way to map out your minutes to get to your weekly goal. Start small, stay dedicated. Be flexible, try new things. But most of all  —  just START moving!

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Community Manager

Love this - just shared with a ton of friends!


This is so helpful! 


I agree. This was helpful. I love walking, swimming and reformer pilates.  Finding the ideal balance can be tough.  Trying to get back in shape after working from home this year.


@asparling1986 @Casey @KC I'm thrilled you found this article helpful!! I remember when I finally understood the number breakdown, it actually made me feel at more ease with my exercise schedule because of the inconsistency of times when I get super busy. Feel free to ask questions at any point!


Saving this as a reminder of what is normal!