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    obé fitness instructors Alex and Dorian joined AthletaWell team members Marisa and Vanessa for an exciting laughter-filled conversation about staying motivated, reframing self-limiting beliefs, and carving out time for your own self-care @Alex_obé @Dorian_obé @Marisa @Vanessa. Keep your eyes peeled for an extra cute cameo from Gus 13:10...he’s panelist #3 🐶


    Tune in to hear the conversation highlights— 


    • Alex and Dorian share their instructor origin stories 6:55—those Aha moments of laughter, feeling good, and service to others that led them to a life in fitness. 
    • Alex and Dorian share their tips for scheduling self-care 15:28 and how to make sure that you’re truly “completely off” 18:15 when you say you’re unplugging. 
    • Hear about the women in their lives who inspire them THE MOST 24:05. 
    • Dorian explains how to turn a “cheat day” into a “treat day” at 49:00. 
    • Don’t miss at 53:00 where Alex shares one food she’s actually NEVER tried yet. Dorian chimes in re: Team Edward versus Team Jacob, and Alex tells all about her Chapstick collection! 

    Grab your own Post-it note, write down their advice that resonates the most, and hang it where you’ll see it every day. COMMENT BELOW—what’s your favorite affirmation or motivation you’re taking away from this conversation?


    Bonus points if you share a pic of your Post-it!