AthletaWell Guides Sarah Ezrin and Chris Freytag create space with the community in TWO on-demand workouts. Both workout options have one goal: create physical space with your body to create space in your mind.


Today you get to choose how you want to move. Between feeling open beyond your limits, or finding strength in balancing your body, you can't go wrong. Below,

  • Sarah creates space through an expansive yoga flow designed to open both your body and mind. 
  • Chris pushes through a full-body strength training to activate all major muscle groups, finding strength in balancing your body.


After watching the recorded workout of your choice, share with the AthletaWell community how did it feel to move your body. Which recorded workout did you choose? Or maybe you did both! How did it feel to open your body and move freely? Did you feel energized or empowered afterwards?

  • Share what noticed in the comments section below or in the comments of THIS conversation in the Well-Being Week Space by Thursday, Jan 13, 2022 for a chance to win a special prize*



Take Up Space Yoga Class with Yoga Guide Sarah Ezrin



This a 25-minute flow will leave you feeling more spacious and more importantly, more worthy of taking up that space. Bc spoiler alert: you are!


On a whole, women seem to do a lot of confirming. We conform to fit into friend groups, just as we conform to fit into last year’s jeans. But all what we end up doing when we place ourselves into these neat little boxes is limiting our potential.


How can we spread our wings in a cage?


We will not only do poses that help to open up and stretch the body, but we will also explore the mental confines of limiting beliefs. Be prepared to sweat and maybe even cry.



Finding Balance and Strength with Strength Training Guide Chris Freytag 



This video is a total body strength workout for all levels. If you don’t have dumbbells, even your own bodyweight would be plenty if you are a beginner. See how it feels. If it feels good, do it again the next day.

People often don’t know where to start. Whether you’ve taken a week off, a month off, a year off or even decades off from exercise, getting started can feel daunting.


Therefore, if you are willing to commit to strength training in the future, just start with baby steps. Don’t do too much. and allow your joints and muscles to adapt to the workload. And don’t be overwhelmed by needing a lot of time. You can see great improvement in your strength with as little as two to three short training stretch sessions a week.

And just remember… yes you can!


AthletaWell, non-Gap Inc. employee, members who comment on this post or on THIS conversation between 11:59pm PST Sunday January 9 - 11:59pm PST Thursday January 13, 2022 qualify to win the special prize. The winner will be selected at random based comments on this post or THIS conversation and will be notified by direct message  from the AthletaWell Team in the AthletaWell platform by 9pm PST on Friday January 14, 2022. The winner will also be announced via conversation post by 9pm PST on Friday January 14, 2022 by the AthletaWell Team. All comments must adhere to AthletaWell’s community guidelines HERE.

Did strength workout with Chris. Thanks for the opportunity to take a little break to exercise in the  middle of the work day.


With 2 under 2 at home it is extremely difficult to find the time (& energy) to move for myself outside of my job. A less than 15 minute full body strength class hit the spot and made me feel the burn and soreness in the absolute best way. Thank you Chris for an awesome opportunity to move in a way different from my normal routine!


When I was growing up, my mom used to always say, "Getting started is the hardest part!" It can be hard knowing where to start or what to do. Anytime I was overwhelmed by what I needed to accomplish, she would remind me that starting small with something attainable was a great idea. This video is just that!!!


I loved this strength training video, and I don't even like strength training!  A great host, fun and quick.  Totally do-able.  


I could only use my body weight for the strength session, but it felt good. very wobbly, but it will come with practice.


Thanks for giving us a great way to get active! I loved that you could use any level of strength training with these exercises and that they also got you moving. 


I did Take Up Space Yoga Class with Yoga Guide Sarah Ezrin and felt warm and calm after, also longer and my chest and upper body felt open. It was a relaxing way to wind down and I loved thinking about space and expanding. Thanks!