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Movement & Fitness Conversations


I love taking fitness classes at Shine SocietyFitness. The instructors are upbeat and fun,always helpful. You get more fit and strong as you go!!!!! 

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Thank you for this new challenge. I enjoy walking and enjoy observing nature around me, the sights, smells, sounds... I like walking by a patch of roses, jasmine and lemon trees. The sight, and fragrance is so beautiful! 

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This week we are focusing each day to one workout from the Step Out With Strength Series. For everyone who participates, we will be giving out a special prize to one lucky winner at random! To bring this week to a close, we're going to stretch it out... 

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Join AthletaWell Guides Sarah Ezrin and Chris Freytag HERE in creating space with TWO on-demand workouts. Both workout options have one goal: create physical space with your body to create space in your mind. Today you get to choose how you want to m... 

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Join AthletaWell guide, Dani Parker, HERE for a 12-min mindful movement practice designed to help you release what's not yours to hold and find space to ground back into you. Through low-impact sculpting, cathartic cardio release, and mindful pauses,... 

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I always feel sluggish -- physically, mentally, and energetically -- coming out of holiday weekends when I've consumed more carbs and sugar and moved way less than I'm used to. That sluggish feeling used to be really triggering for me and send me int... 

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Hi AthletaWell Fam! I've seen so many new names and faces pop up in this space the last couple weeks so I wanted to reintroduce myself here -- my name is Dani and I am your Mindful Movement Guide. Last week I shared a bit more about my personal story... 

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Good afternoon!I’m a yoga teacher and licensed massage therapist based in Austin, Texas. I was wondering if anyone knows how to apply to be a guide with AthletaWell? I’ve poked around the website and couldn’t find anything. Would appreciate a point o... 

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