Why don't they teach this in school?


This is the question I hear all of the time as a Spine Physical Therapist regarding the correct way to squat. "I can't squat because of my knees" 

"I haven't bent my knees in years because I have arthritis"

I re-train people all day how to squat to AVOID knee pain...and its amazing to watch their faces when it DOESN'T hurt their knees.

Proper mechanics for squatting: hinge from your hips, bend your knees, keep your back straight. I often equate the position to peeing in the woods...and you don't want to wet your shoes! Feet wide and squat!! 

Message me for any other helpful hints and tips on spine health. Happy to help!!


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Great tips for squatting @Jjrun! Seems so easy, but we forget how important our form needs to be. @Leada_M shared a video a little while ago on form and ways to modify exercises and I think it would be great for others to get some more tips! 3 Ways to Personalize Workouts for your Body with Leada M >

I am here for this! (Obviously!) I'd say phys ed has definitely evolved over the last 20 years, if not less.. I mean heck, healthy ideas of physical activity have even evolved for us adults in the last 10! Squatting is one of the best moves you can do for yourself and get good at. And if they hurt, we can find a way so they don't - until things look nice and functional. High fives for this topic!!

I teach it in school all year long to my students…it is often brushed off as Phy Ed isn’t a class!

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hi @Freddy Phys Ed is so important! It was always my favorite. I was so lucky that at my school we had PE every single day of the week!