When to push through discomfort and when to let your body rest?


Learning to listen to my body's cues and deep knowing has been a long road for me. I spent so many years of my life pushing through discomfort that turned into pain, fatigue that led to exhaustion, and a lot of low energy days that evolved into cycles of burnout. It wasn't until I pushed myself so far that I completely blew out a disc in my lower spine (L5/S1 to be specific) and could barely get out of bed without intense pain that I was quite literally forced to slow down and really examine how I was showing up in my body. When is it an aligned choice to "push through" and when do I need to pause and listen to my body's signals to rest?


There is definitely a time and place to push through discomfort in order to achieve new goals and stay committed to our path. My cues for needing this little kick in the butt are when I notice myself playing small, shrinking my energy, or hiding behind fear. But equally (if not more important) is getting familiar and practicing listening to our bodies cues for REST.


I had a lot of big lessons come through during my journey healing my spine, but I think the most important was learning to slow down, practice being present with myself and realizing that the answers were always right there inside me. That the wisdom of my body was always talking to me, I just needed to learn to pause and get quiet enough to listen.


Now when I notice resistances show up in my workout and movement routine, I don't bulldoze through them. I take a moment to plant my feet on the ground, breathe into my body and get quiet as I ask myself what I need in that moment. Sometimes it's pushing through a moment of fear and getting to it, other times it's having grace and letting my plans fall to the wayside to honor my body's request for rest. The magic is in the SPACE we create to let the answers come through and really listen.


How are you practicing listening to your body's cues? What practices offer you space to listen to and honor both your effort and your ease?


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Community Manager
Community Manager

I've been listening to my body more by not planning to do something in the future, but to choose how I want (or not want to) move in the moment. That way my body can tell me what it is up for and ready to do, without putting expectations on it. My body has been liking me listen to it more and I'm exciting to continue and get to know my body! @Dani_P 

Yes! Learning to listen to our bodies really is a practice and I love hearing what's been working well for you @Vanessa ❤️


I am learning to give my body rest when I am tired! I have a really bad habit of exercising through everything and I am trying to unlearn this. Days that I just want to be still, I am trying to honor that. 

@A-McBridetuning in and honoring our body when it asks for rest is so critical to our health and wellbeing and this is such a great season as we head towards winter to practice ❤️