What's Your Favorite Way to MOVE and Release Stress Post-Holidays?


I always feel sluggish -- physically, mentally, and energetically -- coming out of holiday weekends when I've consumed more carbs and sugar and moved way less than I'm used to. That sluggish feeling used to be really triggering for me and send me into a strict regiment of "burning off the holiday calories" and torturing myself in the gym. Nowadays I'm learning to find gratitude for the slower time spent with family and loved ones, the delicious food I GET to eat and the time off to rest and am approaching this new week as an opportunity to just simply begin again. To have grace for the process and get back into a movement routine by moving my body the way that FEELS GOOD.


I took a long walk with my dog and partner this morning and jumped in the ocean afterwards for a (very cold and)  refreshing quick dip. It felt amazing and I'm letting that be more than enough for today.


How are you moving your body to FEEL GOOD after the holidays? What helps you ease back into a movement routine?


I love a good walk when the sun is out.

Yes! the sun definitely makes for an added bonus 🙂

A walk with the sun in the most comfy clothing and kicking off December with the Christmas feels is my favorite!!

yessss this might be the best combination for any sluggish or moody blues ever. what are your fav christmas songs to listen to?!

Honestly anything classic or Michael Buble's versions make me feel SO holiday ready!

Same as the other ladies! A brisk walk in on a sunny, cool day is perfect for the mind and body! Plus some yoga 🧘🏼‍♀️

yessss post-walk yoga is such a great addition. what type of yoga do you usually practice after a walk or workout?!


A long walk while listening to a podcast is my go-to.

i LOVE listening to a good podcast when I'm walking -- what are your go-to podcasts @MamaCook ?!