Staying grounded through challenging emotions -- how do you do it?


Hi AthletaWell fam,


This week has felt like a wild whirlwind and somehow it's only Tuesday?! I've been navigating a lot of ups and downs in my body, my energy and my emotions that past few days and have continued to find solace in reminding myself of this: "emotions are energy in motion." What we're feeling and experiencing is MEANT to be felt and it's also meant to flow and release too.

One of the quickest and most effective ways to navigate through challenging emotions and experiences is through mindful movement and breathwork. I'm excited to host an Ask Me Anything tomorrow, Wed 9/29 at 9:30am PST, as we explore new tools to regulate the nervous system, release stress, and stay grounded through life's challenges with just the body and breath.
Come with any and all of your questions around topics such as:
  • Staying present and grounded in your body during a challenging workout, a difficult conversation with your partner, or frustrating moments with your children / pets.
  • Simple breathing practices to help with overwhelm and anxiety in public spaces like the grocery store, DMV, or school pickup line.
  • Embodiment tools for dealing with intense emotions like anger, resentment, and frustration.
  • Tools to release stress from the body after a long workday or challenging time in your life.
Drop your questions on the event (or below!) and I will be back at 9:30am tomorrow, Sept 29th, to answer and discuss them all with you!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Totally agree that I felt like this was a wild week... and that was starting Monday lol! What are your go-to tools when you feel like the week ahead is going to be overwhelming and/or draining? @Dani_P 

Such a great question @Vanessa! When I know I have a busy week ahead or can feel the pull of overwhelm starting to build, I'll sit down Sunday night or first thing Monday morning and right down:

 - One thing I am choosing to release this week

 - What I am cultivating and calling into my life this week (this can look like an intention or "I am" affirmation)


I like to write it on a post-it and stick it on my mirror on near my computer so I can look at it often and stay reminded of my deeper why. 🙂


I also have gotten into the practice of scheduling at least one 1-hour block of time each day for ME TIME. This could be a workout, a meditation practice, or just taking space to completely rest. On busy weeks I tend to let taking care of myself slide, so this holds me accountable to sticking to my self-care practices -- especially when I feel overwhelmed or tired.


Hope these help!

I really like Tai Chi/Qi Gong to help externalize the breathwork in or after a stressful situation, if I am able to take the time to do it. There's one move called "pushing the wave" that feels really good because as I exhale and let the hands come forward, I visualize all the stress just drifting out through the fingertips. Here's a video of that move (starts at 3:40) that's more or less what it can look like. There are a bunch of variations on this move, but this instructor has good alignment of the body over the feet so it's worth using this video to learn it for the first time. 

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@moonstone_becky yes! I don't personally practice Tai Chi, but I do a lot of similar breath and somatic movement combinations in my own practice to regulate my nervous system. Thank you for sharing this resource!