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I'm new to this space and wondering if anyone has any good (budget-friendly) resources for weightlifting? I used to work out with a trainer at the gym and that got me to the point of a) actually enjoying lifting heavy weights and b) marginally more comfortable going into the weight room/section of gyms. Sadly, I can't afford to work with my trainer anymore and the weight room is still slightly overwhelming for me, so I'm looking for any beginner-friendly weight workout guides, tips, resources (articles, apps, groups, etc.) to help make this transition a bit easier. Thanks for any help 🙂 



Try the FitOn app they have tons of free strength training workouts 

I weight lift at home and love it. 

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Hey there @DanaLS. I'm sure our Strength Training Guide @Chris_F would have some good tips and tricks for weightlifting that could help you out!

Hi  @DanaLS  - SOO - first in terms of equipment - who knew there would be a shortage on toilet paper and dumbbells with the pandemic - but - it's hard to find equipment - try facebook marketplace for used dumbbells - I've seen great deals!  Second - I do run a very female friendly on line program for women like you to strength train at home.  I am all about education; helping meet you at your level and progress slowly and safely; and make it fun!!  I run a streaming service and we have over 500 workouts - and we add new ones every month.  Our members are approx 35-65 years old - and we focus on strength training .... I've been doing this for 30years 🙂 !!   SOO - check out the website - you can see previews of the strength workouts led by me and my training staff.  You can sort by beginner, low impact, high intensity, etc.  AND - I am a believer in having a good instructor so you are safe but motivated.  You can stream the workouts on your big screen tv or on your phone, laptop, etc.   Anyway - we give a crazy good deal for the first year of membership - $3 for the whole year - so very affordable ... anyway - if interested check it out and if you want you can message me for more information.  I just think you have to trust your online trainer and you need to be motivated to stay consistent!!


Add VickyTheFitChick on IG!

Heather Robertson on YouTube

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I have found inexpensive weights at thrift stores.