Oh, hi there! Introduce yourself👋🏼



Hello and welcome to all the new members joining us at this amazingly special space! I’m Sarah Ezrin and I’m your yoga guide! 

We’re soooo glad you’re here!


You’re going to learn a lot about us guides through the platform and various events, but we’d love to hear about YOU!


I thought I’d kick us off with a little game of 2 truths and a lie 🤣🤣🤣. Which is the lie? And then share your name, where from, and fave way to move your body 


1. I ditched Physical Ed in 5th grade 

2. I ran 3 marathons 

3. I’ve taught yoga in 8 countries 


be sure to join me TMRW wed 2p PT LIVE on here for a super informative Ask Me Anything! Link below!!! Us guises will offer one of these per month with diff themes.


ok, your turn!!!! 

share your name, where from, and fave way to move your body 

AMA: Modifications for Common Poses

where: HERE! Drop Qs directly on event page

when: Wed 10/20, 2p PT 



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @Sarah_E 🙂 My name is Vanessa from California, my favorite way to move is longboarding, and I think ditching PE (1) is the lie!

Well I can’t answer yet, bc want to tive Others a shot, but how cool is long boarding?! Like skating or surfing ?