How do you weave presence into your busy day? Do you?


There's a common misconception that yoga is all about the poses, but I'm here to remind us that at it's core, yoga is a practice of connection. Sure, connection to body, and mind, but ultimately it's about a connection to self.



The holidays are upon us and things are getting super busy out there as we rush toward the end of the year. We may not have time to get to our mat for a full hour right now, but did you know that just grounding and getting present throughout your day, is still practicing yoga?!


Check out my super short vid in our Movement-Fitness Resources section for 5 Easy Ways to Sneak Yoga Into Your Busy Day! And then comment below any other ways you get grounded that we may have missed.




Community Manager
Community Manager

Love all of these tips @Sarah_E! My favorite is the walking meditation, it's really peaceful to just get outside and be present (even if it's only 10 minutes out of the day!)

Just make sure to keep your eyes down if you're near people you know LOL I couldn't have timed that better, but it was actually a good tip for boundary setting and energy saving too, ha!