How Movement Can Help you Feel STRONG, CONFIDENT, and EXPANSIVE in Your Day-to-Day


Hi AthletaWell Fam! I've seen so many new names and faces pop up in this space the last couple weeks so I wanted to reintroduce myself here -- my name is Dani and I am your Mindful Movement Guide.


Last week I shared a bit more about my personal story with disordered eating, scoliosis, and playing small and how these really challenging parts of my journey ended up being a gateway to some of my deepest and most profound healing.


Exploring movement beyond just it's physical and aesthetic benefits, and beginning to understand how it can help me understand and shift how I FEEL has been one of the most important parts of this journey -- of building self-love, confidence and remembering how to take up SPACE with my most authentic self.


What are some of the ways movement has helped you find your most confident and expansive self? What challenges or hardships have you experienced along your journey?


I'm hosting a Q&A in a couple hours this morning to explore all of this together! Drop your story and your questions below or in the event post here and I'll be back at 9:30am PST to chat and talk through them with you.