Day 2 Giveaway: Low-Impact Dance Cardio


This week we are focusing each day to one workout from the Step Out With Strength Series. For everyone who participates, we will be giving out a special prize to one lucky winner at random! Today, we'll be moving and grooving to the Low-Impact Dance Cardio Workout.


Liz C Dance Cardio.jpg


To be apart of today's giveaway, watch Liz C.'s Low-Impact Dance Cardio. Then, comment below or in the video comments if this was a fun workout! Do you enjoy switching up your workout? DId this put you in a better mood? Was 10-minutes too much or not enough?

  • Share your thoughts in the comments section below by Friday, April 8, 2022 for a chance to win an Athleta Shop Card* One lucky member will be chosen at random so be sure to comment your thoughts!  


*AthletaWell, non-Gap Inc. employee, members who comment on this post by 11:59pm PST Monday April 17, 2022 will qualify to win the special prize. The winner will be selected at random based comments on this post and will be notified by direct message from the AthletaWell Team in the AthletaWell platform by 9pm PST on Friday April 22, 2022. All comments must adhere to AthletaWell’s community guidelines HERE.