Aging & Osteopenia: What have you been told?


I was just speaking with my mom (she is in her 60's) tonight about why it's important she lifts weights when she goes to the gym. She tends to stick to the elliptical, treadmill, and swim because she likes her cardio. I'm so grateful she's moving frequently, but I know women after 50 experience a change in bone density as things adjust in the body...anyways, after a talk I finally convinced her to start lifting weights more regularly and she boasted tonight she could bicep curl 12 lbs!  *PROUD daughter moment!*


I realized in that moment that I'm sure she isn't the women who doesn't know why lifting weights is beneficial for bone density!!... so I'm curious. What have you been told by your doctor about bone health and managing it (if anything)?


P.S. Did you miss the write up on BONE HEALTH in the Women's Health space I shared on this? Check it out HERE!


Thank you for sharing this article I found it really helpful! So proud of your mom too, that’s wonderful.

I’m so happy you found it helpful! Please let me know if you have any questions ☺️ and yes - she is a rockstar!