fitness trackers

Anyone have a fitness tracker they absolutely love? There are so many out there. I am considering the Oura ring vs the newest Apple Watch. I am looking to be more active overall and would love to find out what has worked for you. Thanks!


Hi Valerie! I have used multiple ones for different purposes. So I would recommend first deciding what is your priority metric you’d like to track. If it’s activity, I’d recommend an Apple Watch. If you’re comfortable sleeping with it you’ll also be able to download some very good sleep apps and track your sleep as well. If sleep is your main goal than Oura ring is a way to go! I have and use both ( don’t ask lol). I use Apple Watch for training and running and Oura ring for sleep and find them working well together to provide me with information I need. For activity you probably cannot go wrong with Fitbit or Garmin also. I hope this is helpful. But don’t overthink it. Xo- Daira 

Super helpful feedback. I would say more interested in activity. Honestly I have been eying the Apple Watch. I have an older series and the battery doesn’t last more than a few hours now. Thanks!


My partner loves the Oura ring to track his sleep. He loves checking his sleep score every morning and it seems surprisingly accurate! What're your thoughts on tracking sleep as a sleep doctor, @Valerie_C

Glad he likes it. I know it’s super popular to use for sleep tracking. I like to ask my patients why they track their sleep? And what they do with the data. Sleep is a subjective experience and some of my patients wake up refreshed but then can develop feelings of anxiety based upon their sleep score. If someone is trying to increase their overall sleep duration by changing their habits around sleep knowing your baseline sleep time and how it increases or decreases can be useful info.


Hi Valerie! I use WHOOP. It’s a band you wear on your wrist 24/7 with a wireless, waterproof charger that slides on top so you never have to take it off.

-the most hi-tech technology I’ve seen on the market. There are no other devices that track what WHOOP tracks

-every piece is waterproof so you never take it off which makes for accurate 24/7, 365 tracking


-no face. Its not a watch and has no data on the face. Everything is done through the app

-the monthly fee is an expensive commitment. The data is incredible but may not be what you are looking for


I used a polar watch and HR strap religiously for years and WHOOP changed my life. Good luck on your search 🙂 

Great feedback. Yes I have heard the whoop can give so much data it’s overwhelming. I think for my current fitness level a basic activity tracker would work. Glad you found it life changing. Can you please tell me more about which info was most helpful from the Whoop?

I have to vouch for the Apple Watch, an amazing device! I am super active and I have found it to be the most accurate, metrics wise. I also use it for mindfulness meditation, sleep, and most important, to ping my phone when I can’t find it😊

You had me at ping my phone. Currently that’s my husband’s job to call when I misplace my phone. Surely a duty he would be glad to give up. 😊

I’m pretty happy with my Fitbit. I’ve been using them for years and still satisfied. They’re reasonably priced and do all that I need (e.g., tracking activity, sleep, periods, mindfulness, etc.). There are functions that I don’t use so I’d say it does more than I need. The lower price and smaller watch face is more appealing to me than Apple Watch. I’m a bit old school in that I don’t want text messages and alarms etc. on my wrist, but it does that too (I just turn those settings off).

Oh so interesting. Yes I used a forgot pretty religiously about 8 years ago. Had no idea they have a mindfulness option. Love it!


I’ve been using Fitbit since 2017 or so, and I like it. It works well with iOS and Android. I’ve been using the charge3 for now and for me it’s more about tracking my activities for accountability and progress. It can also track your sleep and you can log your period. The newest ones have bunch of other functionalities like GPS and skin temperatures… anyway, it’s a good price and does the job. I guess folks who choose the Apple Watch is more because of the integration with iOS ecosystem. I heard great things about Whoop but I feel this one would be more for serious athletes or people looking into a data-driven approach to performance.