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Hello, I am not sure if this is the right page or if this should be under "body and self." I am a little nervous to share this, as it requires a lot of vulnerability on my part, but I am hoping some of you can relate to this. I have struggled with an... 

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I’ve been ASICS loyal for years and years but I hear such good things about HOKA. Looking for recs for concrete running. Any recs? Or another brand I should try? 

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Hi AthletaWell members! I'm thinking of running a half marathon in mid-September and I'm looking for running shoe recommendations. I currently have Hokas which I do like but I don't enjoy the color options they offer (I'm picky and enjoy dark, solid ... 

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This website is wonderful! Such insightful and interesting conversations so far!I was wondering if anyone has any advice for fitness after pregnancy. I’ve lost a ton of weight (thank you breastfeeding) and have been working out a little, but really w... 

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