What's your favorite workout at the moment?


What's your favorite way to move your body right now? I'm doing a lot of running and cycling, and of course, lots of yoga asana. I'm always looking to try something new. I tend to overdo certain workouts / movements when I realize how much I like them, so I'd love to hear your suggestions for other formats to ensure I'm working all the muscle groups! Drop your recs in the comments below 💪


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Been enjoying weight lifting lately! I'm very amature (lol) but I'm excited to get more into it and get stronger! IG has been my best friend for weight lifting tips @Marisa 

so glad you mentioned this! I have been doing a lot of squats and bands for booty recently 🍑but haven't focused on arms in awhile 💪


Walking! Also, I try to make sure I'm doing squats, lunges, rows and push-ups daily (so far it's been ~twice a week lol). I've read that these are really helpful for everyday strength and functional movement.

you and @Vanessa are on the same page today! so glad you mentioned the weight training for functional movement. I keep hearing everyone saying it's so important for women


I loveeeee my Peloton!!! Before I got mine, I would only work out for 20ish minutes everyday but now I'm on the bike for 45+ mins everyday. 

I just got a Peloton today and loved my first ride! Do you have any favorite instructors?! 

CODY!!! Love Cody and also really like Tunde. She's badass and so strong. Both have amazing playlists. Enjoy the peloton @charmed


I’m obsessed with The Class!!! Jaycee is the best! So good and great compliment to yoga


I Crossfit 5x a week and try to throw in a day or 2 SUP paddleboarding whenever I can.  


CrossFit!  I Just got back from participating at the NoBull CrossFit Games 2021.   I placed12th in the world in the 65+ Masters age group.  


As a fitness instructor…I teach spinning and kickboxing.  But for my own workouts…I LOVE all things Peloton!  Whether it’s their spin classes, strength classes, Pilates or Yoga…I’m obsessed!


Running and Barre3. 

  • I love to move, and I love to mix it up.  Lately, I have been emphasizing mind- movement connection,  core strength, and proper posture. Being mindful in the moment has improved my form and strength to a new level. 

My current regime for cardio is run/walk (75% run, 25%walk) 3-4 days per week, and one hour of spin (intervals, hills) the other days. I also walk or hike 4 times a week (Usually one friend and it’s our social time). 
I also do functional training everyday. I realize that sounds excessive, but I use a split routine schedule to give muscle groups proper rest. Training includes heavy weights low reps, lighter weights high reps, TRX, TRX rip trainer, plyo, Pilates, body weight work, resistance bands, and more. If I do a heavy weight session, the next time I work the same muscle groups, it might be a lighter weight session. 
I dedicate a lot of time to movement, and mind- body connection, and I have done this much even before I retired. I have found that mashing up workouts have been hugely beneficial. I currently workout at home where I have plenty of equipment. When I travel to take care of my granddaughter, I train with only 5# dumbbells , TRX, bands, and body weight. After a couple weeks of this, I notice that my body changes and I come back stronger. 
I think the key is to keep your body guessing.  Lastly and most importantly, I have a great workout partner. Though we live on opposite coasts, we co-write workouts (We are both certified personal trainers.) and do them “together”. 



Currently my favorite workout right now is Strength Training - working on strengthening my upper body - especially my shoulders.  Really enjoyed Chris Fretag's strength training workout!


Marisa - my favorite workout is an 8x8x8.  It's 8 exercises, each exercise 8 reps, and you do 8 rounds.  I love this format because I can go light if I want a recovery workout or I can go heavy/hard.  And I do 2 min of cardio to start and between each round.  Creating them is easy - I do 2 leg, 2 arm and 2 core exercises - then do 2 that are overall or more cardio.  My most recent one (I led a class this week with this one) is below.  It took right under an hour.


2 min cardio

Walking lunges (4 up/4 back) holding KB

KB Swings

KB Goblet Squats

Russian twists with KB


Push ups

Tricep Dips

Box Jumps


I do mostly "functional fitness". Lots of strength training with bursts of cardio. We refer to it as CrossFit lite. 


I also will do running, cycling, and yoga. I tend to like to do a bunch of different workouts throughout the week and mix in cardio, stretching, and some strength. 


A typical week might look like 

Sunday- cycle

Monday- run

Tuesday- cycle

Wednesday- yoga

Thursday- strength training

Friday- cardio (hiit workout, cycle, run) leave it up to how I’m feeling




I teach cycling, ride my SoulCycle At Home Bike, walk and do yoga. I'm going to start Club Pilates classes this fall. I love the reformer and the way it makes my body feel.


I am a devoted member of The Barre Code. The wide variety of formats means I can mix it up based on my energy level or how crunchy knees are feeling. To this I add a weekly yoga session thru the Y6 Go app. 


Side note - Thank you Athleta for introducing me to Y6 during a free in-store class!


Pure Barre, I'm almost at 1000 classes. Walking because I do a breast cancer fundraising event every year and we walk 60 miles over 3 day and you no matter your fitness level your feet need to train for walking long distances. I used to spin but the Pandemic put a damper on that and I can't justify the cost of a spin bike at home.


Hi! Being pre-Title 9, I have never been an "athlete" but have always wanted to move my body in an athletic way! I have played racquetball on a competitive level, run 3 marathons and been in the weight room off & on over the years. In 2013 I boldly went to live at an Ashram for a month-long yoga teacher training. Yoga has been my "workout of choice" for the past 8 years. I try to maintain a daily practice that includes both the asana (physical postures) aspect as well as the more spiritual aspect including Breathwork & meditation. To be fully present is my goal and desire both on and off the mat!