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The Power of Healing ❤️ with WellPro Christina W.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Dive in with one of our incredible WellPros,* wellness experts here to support you, online and off.  


Meet Christina Wherry a Wellness Practitioner, Yoga Teacher, AND Full Spectrum Doula from Los Angeles! Learn about her passion for healing, and what inspires her most.


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Q: Tell us a little about yourself!  

Healing is an ongoing journey, and I started by exploring yoga, meditation, and poetry to unravel the layers and question the unhealthy traditions. As I continued through the maze of life, I discovered the power of healing and the joy of inspiring others. My own water birth experience and the support of a birth worker during labor inspired me to pursue a path in birth work, and I am grateful for the opportunity to help others on their wellness and healing journeys.  


Q: How did you get started?  

My journey began with seeking out trusted teachers to guide me, and now I am honored to share my knowledge as a certified yoga and meditation instructor focused on trauma healing and body positivity. I also specialize in African postpartum care and am a certified full spectrum doula, dedicated to supporting families through all aspects of the birth experience.  


Q: What’s your favorite Athleta product?  

I love everything Athleta! I wear it to the gym or out for a fun evening. My new fave is the Salutation Stash Flare Pant! I love pockets


Q: What are you most proud of in your career?  

Sharing my journey towards wellness has been an incredible privilege, but there's something truly special about birth work. Being able to support and show up for others during such a transformative moment is an honor that fills me with gratitude. I'm so proud to have found a path that allows me to heal myself and inspire others, and I can't wait to see where it takes me next.  


Q: What’s your best piece of advice for others in your field?  

Amidst the chaos and stress of life, it's essential to remember to breathe. Our breath is the bridge that connects us to our inner power, allowing us to find calm and clarity in any situation. So take a deep breath, feel the energy flow through your body, and connect to the power within.  


Q: How can we stay in touch?  

Connect with me and the community at and on Instagram at @thickgirlyogala. Join us for events held at @thickandwellapothecary, where we come together to explore the healing power of yoga and wellness. Let's create a space of support, growth, and self-love. 


Let’s give Christina a BIG hello by tagging @ChristinaW224 below 👋 


*Want to learn more about becoming a WellPro? Visit your local Athleta store for information!