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Tennis Stretch Regimen?


Hi all,


I've been changing up my gym/yoga routine with time outside on the courts.  Love the fresh air, vitamin d, camaraderie and 'playing' through a workout.  However, the start and stop on the courts is really tightening up my feet and hammies.  Yoga generally takes care of the ham strings, but my feet and toes are still uber tight.  Anyone have any similar issues or fixes for this? 


Community Manager
Community Manager

@JenniferH76 this is the perfect time of year to get some sun and get moving! Try this 10 minutePre-Match Dynamic Warmup, I think its a great way to prep your body before you get out there. Hope this helps 😁 


Hi. I also play tennis. Besides stretching with bands before playing, also make sure to do some warmup hitting. I also use a percussion massager on my calves and bottoms of my feet. Life changing. I have plantar fasciitis, so also roll my feet around on a tennis ball. Hope this helps and keep your eye on the ball!😉