Running goals and marathons! Who's in?


With January resolutions and new goals for the year, I find myself frequently hearing people wanting to start running or signing up for a marathon! It's so exciting. Rightfully so, I mean running is one of the more reliable sports you can do amidst all the rules with the last two years. A few of my proudest moments were running two half-marathons (Nike women's in SF!) and completing a Spartan Super.. I'm SO tempted to sign up for a new one this year!!


Is anyone looking to start running more? Do you have any marathon/5k/race goals you're working towards? 


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Not getting into running this year, but definitely doing more cardio. My stamina is so low and with my asthma, practicing cardio really helps. But that is so cool you did two half-marathons and a spartan super! You should totally sign up again this year, are any marathons in particular you want to sign up for?? @Leada_M 

Cardio is TOUGH! And it honestly takes much more repetition to build that stamina. You know, ever since experiencing a Spartan race, marathons seem boring to me lol! So Definitely one of those. Much more suited to me 🙂 


I'm not a big runner, but I'm a huge advocate of goal-setting and will be cheering you on from the sidelines 😉 

It'd be fun to learn how to ease into it!

YES! I'm here for this. Stay tuned for tips on prepping muscles, joints, and mileage planning 🙂 

Haha! You're the best! Thanks @Sarah_E!

Hartford Marathon Oct 2022! This will be my first after baby #2. I had to defer last summer after falling down the stairs mid training. It was so disappointing. I’m so grateful for finding Peloton and recovering post surgery. Let the training begin!

omg! Falling down the stairs and having to defer must have been terrible! I bet you're so energized to get back though 🙂 This is awesome. Are you going to be doing the full marathon? And since baby #2... curious if you've had any issues with pelvic floor strength or coordination (i.e. leakage, tightness, etc)?  Sounds like Peloton has been a blessing indeed!

I got cleared to run this week! Woo! Postpartum after a 2nd c-section I was definitely slower getting back to running. I was cautious and listened to my body. I also took mommy & me postpartum dance/strength training 2 times a Week at about 6 weeks postpartum. (HIGHLY RECOMMEND!) I nursed for 13 months (just another layer of challenge and running), but around 9 months postpartum I ran a half marathon (with about 7-8ish weeks training). Definitely had some tightness with scar tissue. I’d say for the first 9-12 months I was more aware and any distance running just needed to be well planned out. 2 years postpartum & lots of consistency in training- I was running 100+ mile months!

@knitriderepeat you are such an INSPIRATION! Wow! I am so thrilled you got cleared to run and even took a post-partum strength training class. You are definitely in the right spot. This feedback is super helpful an I'm sure other running mamas will find your post very useful as well. Question for you - what class/trainer was your Mommy & Me strength training with? I'm always looking for good referrals for patients and it sounds like this was fabulous! Congratulations to you - ROOTING for you from Athletawell!

I was so lucky to find Dancing Through Pregnancy at Yale University during my last trimester. It was twice a week for mamas-to-be. Movement and dance and light resistance band work with a trained instructor. In the hour  after that class was the Mommy & Baby Fitness class - in this class we were encouraged workout with our strollers for some cardio and strength. The second half of class was body weight exercises & resistance bands. I started at 6 weeks postpartum and it was one of THE best decisions I’ve  ever made. The environment was supportive for nursing mamas and completely judgement free. 

This is so incredibly helpful. Thank you for being so generous and sharing your resource! I will definitely keep this in mind. You have no idea how happy I am that you found a supportive, helpful environment! 🙂


I began half-marathon training on Christmas eve with a 7 mile run! This upcoming Sunday is the big day!  It's been hard but so exciting training for these 13.1 miles!! It'll be my 3rd race- but 1st in 7+ years!!  

@WhollyWellAub THAT IS SO EXCITING! Sending you all the positive vibes starting now. One tip that helped me immensely was carb loading the 5 days prior to it. While everyone is different, just make sure you're going really light if that or just staying mobile and getting all those energy stores up to help with performance come Sunday. Tagging @Heather_C in case she has any dietitian approved tips! P.S. Cliffbar Blocks are an absolute game changer for mid-race electrolytes and energy. Plus they're small and easy to take with you 🙂 Cheering for you!

Thank you so much for the tips and encouragement 😀 

Love this! What is your fueling plan (before and during)? Would love to help and can't wait to hear how it goes!


I've run a few marathons and I'd like to do one more - I had hoped to run it last year but covid had other plans.  I'm now recovering from a knee injury so gearing towards next year.  My first marathon was amazing - I'm not an emotional person but was in tears at the end (and not only because I was exhausted and didn't want to take another step)!


@kathleenrun that is incredible! I totally get that for last year.. it really put a wrench in exercise plans. What knee injury did you have? And as an experienced marathon runner, how do you like to break up your mileage as you train (roughly)? I always like to ask around to get an idea what people are used to!


Would love to do a marathon in 2022, it has been almost 10 years since my last! What training schedule are you following? Any good recommendations?

I don't see why ya cant-- go for it! I haven't decided yet! It depends on the race I decide to do though 🙂 Will keep you posted!

I’ve also done two half marathons and will be training for my first marathon in Chicago in the fall! V excited and nervous!

Nikki, Chicago was my first full marathon and the course is perfect for a first timer. Awesome crowd support, not a lot of elevation change, and easy to travel to - I've done the race 3 times because it's one of my favorites!

YES!!I love to hear when people can share experiences. I was going to say, it may be pretty flat and plus the city is awesome so it may "make it go by" faster because the views and energy will be so electric 🙂 Thanks for this encouragement @Reenie !

This is so exciting @nikkiyj!! I've been to Chicago ONCE (in Feb too - brr!) and it was such an incredible city. Good for you for pulling the trigger and going full! Please feel free to reach out with any questions. You go girl!

Hi Leada! That Super Spartan sounds like a fun challenge. 

I’m a lifelong runner with ebbs and flows in activity through the years and right now I’ve got the fire in my belly! I have a life goal to complete all 6 World Major Marathons: Tokyo, Boston, Berlin, London, Chicago, New York. I have 4 left and decided I wanted to try to qualify for Boston this year! I also signed up for the Seven Continent Club to run a marathon on all seven continents. Boston is the only one I plan to be “fast” for- the rest will be running for longevity and enjoyment. I love having running goals to look forward to!

@ThrivelyHealth I actually got goosebumps reading your post. What an incredible goal! I hope you have some cool memory keepsake of each of those.. running on each continent sounds absolutely life changing. Thanks for sharing! It's both inspired me to run in new places and do some marathon exploring!


I ran more miles and hit more PRs in 2021, than I have in the last decade. It has inspired me to run even more this year. I’m contemplating signing up for my first half marathon. 

@MicaraLink YES! Wow. What an accomplishment! What do you think caused the uptick in PRs in 2021? Also - I fully support you signing up for your first half. With a resume like that, it would be so easy for you! 🙂 


Forgotten I put my name in for the Berlin Marathon lottery and I recently found out I got in, so marathon #10 is my first international race in September 2022. Haven't run a lot of distance the last 2 years so I'm focusing these first 4 months on building up a solid base. I'm super slow, but as long as I finish the race within the time limit, I'll be happy 🙂

@Reenie how fortunate are you! All this talk about international races really makes you appreciate the universal love for movement and the classic sport of running.  Marathon #10-- you are such an inspiration! Definitely recommend building up some baseline strength and kicking in your training as you know exactly how to do. Here for you along the way if anything starts to ache (fingers crossed it doesn't, of course). You are awesome! I feel like once this year is done, we should all share a victory photo after our races!