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Recommendation Needed: Gym Shoes


I've been going to strength training and treadmill classes at my local gym, and I'm in the market for a new pair of workout shoes for these classes. I've been wearing an old pair of Nike's (they are literally 8 years old), but I think I need a little more support because I have foot and shin pain for the first time in my life! Does anyone have any recommendations? 


I've been eyeing Brooks' Glycerin StealthFit 20, but they are currently sold out. 


So excited to hear your recommendations! 





I love Hokas for running and general gym training. Can't recommend enough! 


Love the New Balance fresh foam 880 :))  I have worn them for classes, weight lifting and treadmill sessions. Never had any issues during or after a workout!


Brooks are the best sneaker I have worn. I spent years running in Nikes and randomly went into a Marathon Sports asking for help. Brooks Adrenaline was the recommendation for walking and being on my feet. Brooks Launch I really liked for running. 


I have had every brand of shoe and type on my foot and the best by far is the Hoka.  I am 60  this week and had plantar fasciatis in my 30's and wore Brooks, Rykas, Nike, On, and Saucony and Hoka Clifton has the best cushioning and support.  Rykas formerly had my favorite shoe but it changed and was no longer as supportive.  That is the problem, shoes change and you never know if they have lost cushioning or support until you buy and wear for a while.  I try to keep up with those changes by asking other fitness instructors in other forums like this.

It’s helpful to read your comment. I am 60 this year too and am slowly getting back to moving my body more, after a lot of back problems on top of rheumatoid arthritis. I need good cushioning because of the algae to my feet but it would also help if the shoes backs aren’t high, like the Hoka appears to be, because the Achilles’ tendon on one foot is bigger, due to having been badly inflamed previously. Are there any walking shoes that you’d recommend on that basis please? 

That should have read ‘damage’, not ‘algae’!! Autocorrect for the win!!

I second the Hoka Clifton shoe! It’s cushioning and supportive and I love their color choices too!


I like 361 degree shoes.  I usually buy Sensation - you can still get some gently used or new ones on Posh or other sites.  I think they stopped making them.  I usually wear a size 6 but at a running stores a few years ago they recommended that i do a size 7 and I love it.  I always buy tennis shoes in size 7 now.  361 has some new shoe lines but I have not tried them.  Honestly, I find what I like and switch out shoes every 6 months. I do weight lifting and HIIT and walk my dog a lot.  I then keep the shoes to go on vacation so if my suitcase is too full I will just pitch them or I use them when I am going on a muddy hike/walk.  I have two pairs in my closet ready to replace the ones I am wearing now.  Good luck!



Agree with HOKAS!! I teach jazzercise and they are light and support enough for dance and strength training. I have Achilles tendinitis - these keep me to low or no pain. Love love love 


Which HOKAS do you like? I teach Jazzercise, too and I feel like many of the HOKAS have such a high platform that lateral movements are difficult and the sole gets ripped off.


I have the Clifton 9s. Love how much cushion they have for running, but I do realize they're not for every exercise—a bit too bouncy for weight training for instance. I still make it work, but I know people prefer a flatter shoe for squats and deadlifts, for instance. I could see that with Jazzercise, too!