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Love/hate relationship with running


I want to love to run because it’s such an easy hobby to do anywhere, but every step of the way I am not happy. For runners out there, curious how I can get my head there. I’ve been told to do 20 mins a few times each week, at whatever pace feels OK to me and it will get easier. But it’s not working 😬 or do I just live with running not being my “thing”?



@Marisa would be a great resource for this! 

on it 🙌😄


I've been running consistently for 10+ years and while I *do* think it's the best hobby to pick up, there are still many days that every step feels terrible. To start, I recommend either creating your own audio-based intervals or using an app like Peloton that has outdoor workouts. Having a coach take you through intervals (or make your own like run the chorus/walk the verses of a song) helps make time move a little quicker! My friend Tony also runs virtual coaching programs with his website — a team/coach might help kick start you into the habit! You don't have to just rely on yourself, and we are here for you if you want to set goals and work toward them. It's an amazing life-long practice so congrats on even getting started. 


Thanks for sharing here @Love2run - would love to hear more about your long-term experience with running? are you newer to running or have you been "on again / off again" over a longer period of time? I'm on a mission to help women find the form of movement that feels good in their bodies and is FUN! would love to hear if maybe you're having a dry spell currently or whether you are trying to get started. AGREED re: running is a great option for doing anywhere!


I’ve been a runner for over 10 years now, but I can say there’s been periods of not running at all in my running life.  If your new, definitely start with time rather than mileage.


I live in Texas, and it’s crazy hot/humid right now so always stay hydrated if you’re running outside.  I’d recommend walk/running if you haven’t tried that method.  For example, run 3 minutes and walk 1 minute.  Many times I can go farther, longer and faster using a walk/run method.


My last suggestion is find a trail.  Trail running/waking is a great workout with the best part being that you’re forced to slow your pace because of the terrain.

Great job getting out there…I know it’s hard, believe me.