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How can I supercharge my workouts?


I've been going to the gym consistently but I'm not seeing the results I want. I do machines and cardio when I go, and sometimes workout twice a day. Are there ways to enhance my workouts? (the goal is to lose weight)


In my experience, diet has a greater impact on weight loss than working out. And when you combine the two, it’s a force! You also may want to try working out with a personal trainer and/or taking a fitness class. You may learn some new techniques and the accountability can help you push yourself more. Good luck on your fitness journey!!

@CeciliaM37 Thank you for the advice! There's so many different eating practices so I do find it hard to figure out what will work best for my body (watching calories, cutting carbs, IF, more veggies etc). But will try to look into it and see about finding a trainer

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Community Manager

@GoodbyeVal I think this resource may have some gems on how to trigger some changes - hope this helps!! How Much Exercise is Necessary for Health Benefits? 

It sounds like you may be pushing yourself too hard in the gym and not nourishing/resting enough. When your body feels safe and taken care of it will be able to drop those extra pounds. If you haven’t been seeing results, it might be worth taking a month off of your normal routine and focusing on light workouts (walks, Pilates, yoga, and meditation) and eating a lighter Mediterranean diet, not so focused on protein and muscle building. See how you feel after!


Congrats on your dedicated fitness routine!  Like the earlier comment, I think diet has a really big impact. During covid I actually lost a significant amount of weight after having been a gym rat. I did this by watching what i eat by using a diet tracker app. I used a free one. I know it sounds annoying but it just makes you really aware of what you put in your mouth.   And them you start to realize, ok i can stop eating before I stop feeling full once i recognize what the appropriate portion size is and I know i will be satisfied. 

instead of my normal fitness classes, i had to change it up. I ended ip walking a lot more and i loved it. I discovered podcasts and audio books. And btw when i walk, i can’t eat!  Third, drink water. 64+ounces of water is a lot. It flushes you out and makes you feel full. Either that or constantly going to the bathroom burns calories. 


Cardio Interval training 1-2 days per week to lose weight has been a strategy I have recommended for years.  It requires a good attitude and more energy than steady state cardio but the upside is you can cut back on your cardio time by 25-35% and still get increased benefits. And of course HIIT training (alternating with strength exercises) is also good booster.  Finally, identifying a date to work towards that is 5-8 weeks away to keep you on track with your upgraded exercise and healthy nutrition plan can be very helpful.   A vacation, social event, birthday, etc. - this can help keep you on track.  Then when your date passes set a new one and tweak your goal action items if necessary to help you continue towards your goal.