Funny nerve pain resulting from spinal stenosis


I have what has been diagnosed as moderate spinal stenosis in the L-4 area.  As a result and over the years, I have multiple areas where I am told that I have 'nerve pain' that has nothing to do with my muscles or joints, but it is pain none-the-less.  Three current areas of this pain include feeling like my sock is bunched up under the toes of my right foot and with continued running my foot feels numb.  I also get a pain that feels like it runs horizontally across the base of my butt and the last area is that I get a sharp pain over the front of my knee cap on my right leg.  Sometimes when I step and get the sharp pain, my knee wants to buckle.  I have to keep telling myself that the pain is not real to keep going.  I have been to physical therapy and do a lot of targeted stretches and nerve flosses/glides before I run.  Sometimes they help, sometimes not so much.  Any thoughts?



Oh my gosh I’m so sorry to read this! This sounds like a lot of pain, and I’m impressed with how mentally resilient you must be to work through it. It sounds like you’re working with a physical therapist, but maybe @Leada_M has some ideas too. Wishing you well ❤️