Comment Your New Activity This Year! Tips on Injury Prevention By Dr. Leada




In a day we will be 1 week into the brand new year. While I don't exactly set new years resolutions, I do set new years INTENTIONS and I plan on adding some more structure to my workouts.


As a physical therapist, the first few months of the year get a bit busy with the uptick in snow season, marathon training, new goals, etc. I see a lot of overuse injuries or nagging pain that increases into something that's more stubborn. While we can't always "prevent" injury, we can certainly reduce risk by preparing the body to sustain the loads and demands placed on it, so you don't get sidelined as long.


That being said, I want to give you a few tips or exercises to help YOU reduce your injury risk with your new sport or goal in mind. 


Comment your new activity and let's discuss! Cheers to achieving your strongest year yet! 




Community Manager
Community Manager

Happy new year @Leada_M! For people new to weight lifting, is there anything people should keep in mind before they pick up weights?

Great question @Vanessa! Here are my best tips for weight training: 


1) Make sure you have the available range of motion for the exercise in choice. Practice going through the motions. Weight will change the dynamic, but just to practice and explore your ability.

2) Be familiar with the motion required for it.

3) Start light! It's better to build up slowly than to go too hard, too fast. 

4) Work with a trainer! They're out there for a reason, and will help you stay accountable 🙂

I would like to increase my cardio exercises but often get soreness in my knees and hamstrings. Do you have tips for protecting these areas when increasing my cardio? I’m thinking about adding indoor spin or treadmill to my barre routine.

So glad you asked @Eld3! Cardio requires a repetitive movement (i.e. spin, walk, run). Therefore we need those muscles to have high endurance to sustain the time we do the activity. But! Before we can build endurance, strength needs to be there. Some of my favorite starter exercises for sore knees and hamstrings include:

-Glute bridges

-Wall sit

-Goblet Squat

-Step ups

-side steps with a resistance band above knees (or feet to make it harder)

-deadlifts are great but do need some coaching!


Let me know if you have any questions on where to start 🙂