CHOOSING to get cute for exercise

Is it really all that silly and uptight to get dressed in a complete/comfortable active outfit for any workouts/activity in your day? Getting “too comfortable” in something baggy made me feel slightly slower in my physical routine. Although my push can be there, I needed to balance what made me FEEL like working out or getting some exercise in my day. It occurred to me that feeling my best physically can really be achieve with “treating myself” to a nicer look to for fill my workout. If I got dressed in an active outfit (if not head to toe then atleast shoulder to shoes!) then it made me push myself into completing a more for filling workout. The best part of this was that I was getting dressed for MYSELF. I picked my outfits to wear, I got to feel accomplished with my looks and I got to feel extra sweaty and fulfilled with my exercise! It’s a step worth taking if you feel stuck in a loop of uncertainty in your workout routine. DiscussionImage DiscussionImage DiscussionImage