There is a lot of talk about habits after the new year. Knowing that our New Years resolutions start to fall off by the third week of January (right around now) maybe we can look deeper into our habits and what it requires to build durable ones.

I am a coach on habit building for people’s mental health. The habits that I see sticking the most are the ones where the habits are tied closely with the person’s values. So. Before you commit to your New Years resolutions or new habits, try these three exercises first:


1- Think about your current habits that created positive results for you. How did they develop? What are the positive rewards? For example, over the last year I developed a habit of using the sauna and cold tub after my workouts and it has helped my body recover faster. Take a minute and name three that come to your head.


2- Identify the strongest values these habits are attached to. For example: I value health and longevity. Take a minute to explore what values your habits orbit around.


3- Once you’ve identified your strongest values, explore them deeper to see if you want to maximize on some habits or minimize on others.




Naming your values and expanding your perspective on why you have those values in the first place can be more meaningful than tacking on a new goal for work or your diet. Our values shift from time to time but generally lead the way to our lasting habits. Have fun on your journey!