Over the last 24 months we have all been dealing with so much change and while some of it may have been planned there has been a lot that has been sprung upon us unexpectedly. Whether you have lost a job or started a new one, moved into a new home or back in with the folks, have experienced the loss of a loved one or the arrival of a little one.


Here are some strategies to help you cope, making these stressful situations a little less scary, especially as we begin to move forward into more unknown as the world around us changes yet again. 

1. Pay attention to your feelings - Allow yourself to feel nervous, scared or upset. It’s okay to admit that your scared about losing or starting a new job, becoming a parent, starting or ending a relationship, moving into a new space or whatever may be causing you stress. These are huge life changes and almost anyone would feel overwhelmed by them.

2. Practice gratitude - It’s not easy to look at the glass half full when the world seems to be caving in around you, but if you can find moments where you can remind yourself of all of the positive things in your life.⁠

3. Stay in control - You may not be able to control every situation and it’s outcome but you can control your attitude and how you deal with it. ⁠ Choose to stay in a positive mindset and your level of stress an anxiety will certainly decrease.

4. Prepare for Change - If you see change on the horizon start to prepare. Look at your options sooner rather than later so you have the time to make choices that feel good for you.⁠

5. Keep your routine - When we are stressed our health is the first thing to suffer. Keep to your regular routine as much as you possibly can. Exercise eat healthy and get plenty of zzzz’s.⁠

6. Manage your expectations - Give yourself some time to adjust and don’t bite off more than you can chew. If you do you will run the risk of disappointment.⁠

7. Be open to new things - They say when one door closes another opens. Stay flexible and open to new opportunities and possibilities.⁠

8. Let go of the past - You won’t be able to allow yourself to enjoy the present if you are pining away for the past. Take baby steps into the future.⁠

9. Practice self-care - Take a day trip, long baths, bike rides, meditation. Whatever you can do to let your mind drift elsewhere.⁠


Tell me in the comments below which tip can help you most! If you have other coping strategies, please share them below.