Mental Health Matters
Together, AthletaWell and Frame Therapy are presenting Mental Health Matters – a two-week series of resources, events, and conversations to support your total well-being.

Activity in Mental Health Matters

The last month or two has been a whirlwind of emotions. My uncle is battling leukemia. I’m very close with my family so making time to be present for this has been a priority. The stress around chemo, a bone barrow transplant (from my brother, can yo... 

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You are stronger than you know. You give and love so easily, I am always so proud of you when I see you remember to take care of Leada. You got this. 

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I think of this as related to middle-aged challenges that I have faced: the death of my father, a decade of caregiving for my mother, weight gain, new issues like a fibro diagnosis and the feeling that life has passed me by. It began with a midlife c... 

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I battled Fibro, too, for several painful years. Shockingly, almost all of my pain went away when I got on the right meds for my RA. I also have had depression, but am on a great med for me now which makes me forget I have it. Please, until you are f... 

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Thank you to everyone who attended my Understanding Menopause: Mental and Hormonal Health events this week! I had such a great time talking with you all about: Feelings you may have during the perimenopause and menopause stageWhat goes on in your bra... 

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I’m only 39 but in medical menopause from cancer treatment. Menopause is no joke! I never could have anticipated how awful hot flashes are. Best wishes to all women going through this! 

Thank you to everyone who attended my Intro to Art Therapy: Express Yourself event this morning! I had such a great time meeting everyone and talking through what womanhood looks like to you. My next Intro to Art Therapy event is next Thursday 3/10 a... 

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I missed this class *sad face*; was either class recorded by chance? 

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"Mindfulness is about love and loving life. When you cultivate this love it gives you clarity and compassion for life, and your actions happen in accordance with that." -Jon Kabat-Zinn This week we had a wonderful conversation about Mindfulness Pract... 

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We exercise to take care of our physical health. We look at what we eat to take care of our nutritional health. We get mammograms, papsmears, physicals and other visits to our doctors for aches and pains to take care of our physical health. We social... 

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Such a great idea to have the positive cards with you throughout the day! I recently interviewed my friend, Dr. Smita whose whole mission is to provide education about brain health. Hope you get a chance to watch it and let me know what you think. Th... 

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Hello! Is there any way to watch your conferences on perhaps youtube? I am not able to participate at the announced times. Many thanks! 

Thank you so much for your reply, Vanessa. I did just watch the event recap- it sounded like very helpful session. Being a caregiver, it´s just hard to "be available" for an online appointment. But Athleta is to be commended for providing these welln... 

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ICYMI: Mental Health Matters Events
Last week, our resident Frame therapists hosted special live events to learn simple and effective tools to support your well-being journey. Check out what you missed and continue the conversation.

Intro to Art Therapy
Recap: Express Yourself with Therapist Shiva Howell

Intro to Mindfulness
Recording: Stress Management with Therapist Gina Janc

Understanding Menopause
Recap: Mental and Hormonal Health Recap with therapist Rachel Ruiz

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