What Makes You Resistant To Seeking Therapy and How Do You Push Through That?


Hi everyone!  For years I have been a proponent of therapy, in fact my husband and I have been seeing a couples therapist for about 9 months now and it has really helped our relationship.  But, for some reason I have been resistant to seeing someone on my own.  I finally broke down and started seeing someone 2 weeks ago but it took me months to get myslef there. I don't konow if I have been afraid to examine my $hit, or just haven't wanted to focus on it.  Anyway, just wondering if anyone else has been feeling the same way?



100% with you @Margeaux_H. I've done therapy multiple times and even though I know its good for me, its so hard to start. I realized I have to be ready to put the work in because if I'm not, I just waste my time and the therapist's time @Margeaux_H 

Totally agree with you.  I think I have gotten to the point where I am tired of repeating some of the sameold habits and cannot expect my husband or friends to help me figure these things out.  I think it's just time.  I think turining 52 made me feel like "you need to work through these things" so i can move on.