Managing Anxiety through Curiosity and Gratitude

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We've all been there - woken up in the middle of the night or early morning with anxious thoughts. The "What Ifs" of the day. The "Whys" of life and the "How in the ..." Okay, you get the point. Anxiety is pretty uncomfortable from racing thoughts to sweating and the jitters. Most of us want to get rid of these feelings!


As difficult as anxiety can be, it does serve a purpose. It's a signal that you need something. One of the ways we can manage this discomfort is through Curiosity and Gratitude.


Journal Prompt:

  • What is your anxiety trying to help you with?
    For example, I'm anxious about a deadline at work. My anxiety is trying to help me get it done.
  • What sensations, thoughts, or feelings do you notice come with the anxiety?
    I feel sweaty or cold. My fingers tingle and I'm worried I won't get my work done by the deadline.
  • How can you express gratitude to your anxiety for helping you?
    I'm glad that anxiety is keeping me on task so that I stay motivated toward my goal.

This won't cure anxiety overnight, yet it can alleviate some of the "why is this happening" feelings. Anxiety is a useful tool when we explore its purpose with grace for ourselves.


How does anxiety show up in your body? What calming tools help you?
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Community Manager

Thank you so much for sharing this @Frame_Rachel! I never though about how my anxiety is helping me. Usually anxiety looks like fast heart beat, shortness of breath, and the overwhelming feeling to move/run. If I can, I like to go to the gym to work these feelings out. Otherwise I like to watch a calming cartoon to get my mind off of things!

Working out always helps me also. Walking in nature is a real healer for me. The woods, the scent and  sounds of nature

is very calming and gets me out of my head for sure. 

Agree! Nature is so grounding. It's a full sensory experience!

I never thought about how anxiety helps me! I love this and it really made me think and become grounded and curious. I will think about this in times of high anxiety and find gratitude. Thank you!

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@Frame_Rachel I love these journal prompts, Rachel! My anxiety typically shows up as tension in my chest, deep breathing, visualizations and being in nature is what helps me the most.