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How to stop intrusive thoughts


Are these normal? These thoughts have nothing to do with my reality, but they can be really absurd and inappropriate. How can I suppress?


Featured Guest
Featured Guest

First off, thank you for your courage to bring this up! Intrusive thoughts are totally normal! I call them “random” or “prevention” thoughts. Our brains are thinking machines, we’re so intelligent we generate thoughts & prevention strategies around things that haven’t happened yet! It’s best not to suppress them, because the more we push thoughts away, the more they bug us. 
When a random or prevention thought comes up, say to yourself “Oh! There’s my brain reminding me that I’m thinking about random stuff or things that will keep me safe! Phew, thanks brain for working.” 
Note: if these thoughts become distressing, please seek support from a loved one, therapist, or support professional. Try Frame to find a therapist if you’re in California!
Disclaimer: Even though you may receive advice/insight/ guidance from Frame therapists in written form in the AthletaWell Community, the licensed therapists are not considered to be your therapist. 


I recently read the book "Don't give the enemy a seat at your table".  It is biblically based. It really helped me deal with those thoughts in my head.  I think trying different things and finding a way to label these thoughts that makes sense for you - a method that works for you will be powerful.