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Happy Groundhog Day


Hi!!  I can't believe it's already here!!  I saw that Puxatony Phil saw his shadow, which means 6 more weeks of winter.  Ugh!!  How do you fight the Winter Blues?? Any suggestions other than moving south??  


Winters seem to drag on forever don't they. We were in a rut & needed to shake things up as the winter blahs were setting in. This winter we started bundling up & hiking at a local state state park. Tons of packed trails & a warm fireplace inside the visitor center. Its a little bit of a drive but worth it. Although going south for part of the winter sounds nice too. 😉🥰

@WendyB36 - Yes, exactly!!  It sometimes seems like no end in site!!  That is a great idea!!  I love the outdoors!!!!  Thank you!!!


I really have to FORCE myself so I don't get sucked in lol . The sun is out even though its freezing so I try and go outside, workout, cook some my favorite foods and hang with friends and family. Staying busy while doing what I love helps distract

I know what you mean!!  I will stay inside and hibernate like a bear!!  Staying busy is a great idea....I also like the cooking!!  Trying new recipes may just do the trick!!  Thank you!!

You can also try a sun light lamp. It’s a light that mimics sunlight to help boost your Vit D and those feel good hormones. You can find on Amazon. Most of us are Vitamin D deficient so that extra boost helps. You could also take ashwaganda and Vit D supplement to help. And getting outside when the sun is out is amazing exercise as well. Hope this helps

@ChristyE97 - Great idea!!  I never thought of that!!!!!!