Family Illness & Filling Your Own Cup


The last month or two has been a whirlwind of emotions. My uncle is battling leukemia. I’m very close with my family so making time to be present for this has been a priority. The stress around chemo, a bone barrow transplant (from my brother, can you believe it?), and the careful watch, pray, and wait period has been a lot. While I don’t share a lot because I want my presence on social media and Athletawell to stay positive, I’m still human, and there's almost always someone else dealing with something similar. Besides, I’m terrible at faking the happy thing so you will know when somethings off lol! But when life hits hard and it depletes me mentally, emotionally and physically I need to take a moment (or life will force me to 🙄). Resting is important. 


Stress is so much more than a busy schedule. It's the constant occupation of things in your mind even when you don't feel like you're thinking of anything. My creativity was stumped, my ability to process was limited, my focus was shortened. I was fortunate enough to go on a trip with some friends for a bachelorette shortly after all this. It was a little challenging to balance the mental space of having fun & thinking of home at same time, but I realized there’s literally only so much I can control and I can’t pour from an empty cup.


I'm so glad I did, I was able to enjoy some sunshine and the company of amazing women it truly energized me. I realized just how important checking on your own cup is, because I think this may have been the first time mine was nearing empty.


What do you do to keep your soul in a place where you can keep living? Share some ideas, I know others need them.


P.S. If you have a family member battling an illness, I am sending love and strength your way. Your family is in my thoughts. Don't forget to take care of yourself ❤️




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Community Manager

thank you so much for sharing this @Leada_M -- it's such an important topic and not often talked about. one thing that always helps me is getting outside, even for 5 minutes, to move, walk or just sit and observe nature. sending you big hugs and a lot of love ❤️ 


Family illness are hard.  So many things out of our control and our strong desire is just to fix them. Knowing that you are rooting for your family is wonderful and they too are sad so bringing some laughter in whatever ways can actually be helpful to them too.  For me I have carved out some quiet time everymorning where I read my bible.  I started with Psalms and read Psalms 1 on day 1, then Psalms 2 on day 2.  I then had a little notebook and wrote the date, psalms 1 and something from what i read - a few words or a feeling.  Then I doodle making flowers or drawing something simple, basic.  I have a set of colored pens/markers.  I may spend just 5 minutes on this whole thing or find that my mind wanders and i spend 15 minutes. But, it is such a mindset for me. Perhaps it is the reading, meditating, writing and illustrating that sparks all the parts of my brain. I am not an artist either, just doodling.  Cheers, I hope things are going well and even if difficult  -- fact that's okay too to be sad about that.


You are stronger than you know. You give and love so easily, I am always so proud of you when I see you remember to take care of Leada. You got this.