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    Building boundaries during the holidays


    The incredible @misharadwinston teaches boundaries as "juicy, connective, pleasurable, action-based promises to self".


    The also incredible Prentis Hemphill describes boundaries as “the distance at which I can love you and me simultaneously”. 


    With these definitions in mind, what boundaries would you benefit from during this holiday season? 

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    Love these quotes. I am trying to create a boundary of protecting time for myself. During a busy time of year, it is important that I set some time aside for rest or even have a date with myself to feel connected to self. 

    thank you so much for sharing this boundary! as you spend this season of life protecting your time, remember that boundaries are sometimes tested and disrespected (by ourselves and others). it’s up to you to keep practicing anyways!


    circle back if you’d like support!  


    These are such beautiful quotes!! I really adore the second one.


    Choosing to assert our limits can seem like a denial of love at first glance. But as these quotes so eloquently state boundaries are a means for fostering love. Love for ourselves, for one thing. I also think that boundaries deepen our capacity to love others. Without boundaries, love becomes muddied with resentment. With boundaries, we can be more fully present and offer love more freely. 

    So in the name of fostering love for myself and others through carving out time to address my needs, I’d like to prioritize loving-kindness meditation at least once a week during the holiday season. Thanks for this lovely invitation to reflect @Oumou_S 

    so glad this resonates with you 🙂 i love your reflection about the connection between boundaries and love. love of self and connecting boundaries to values is a recipe for success! 


    i wouldn’t hate getting a glimpse into your loving-kindness meditation 👀