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Hi everyone. Hope all are well.  I have anxiety, was told it’s GAD (generalized  anxiety disorder).  I’ve been taking medication.  I have good days and bad days.  I try to do some type of exercise each day to keep the anxiety away as much as possible.  Anyone else have and willing to share?  I’m all ears!


as my great aunt always said , this to shall pass. But boy when your in it it sucks . Hang in there 💕

I feel ya! I never realized that some of me “tantrums” when I was younger were actually anxiety/panic attacks, at least not until after college. And meds never never helped. Hope you are finding a tool to help you!


Hi Cheryl,

I’ve had anxiety (and ADHD) for so long and have found that journaling or even just writing my thoughts at the moment to be very helpful and therapeutic. I’m putting a link that might help you (not affiliated just searched and it seemed like a good intro) 

Hang in there! 🤗 


Hey Cheryl,  I  added more protein over the last year and it has been a HUGE improvement.  30g at breakfast 30g for lunch/dinner (animal proteins, meat, eggs, cheese). Plus Perfect Aminos. I did not realize how protein deficient I was.   It lifted the depression/anxiety that I have fought for years.   Add some barefoot grounding or just sitting in the grass for a few minutes.  Hope you find something that works for you! 


Hi Cheryl. I’ve had Panic/anxiety disorder for about 30 years. I am also on a daily medication. I find that anytime I have a hormone change it throws me off for a while even with medication. Now because I’m in my mid 40’s (perimenopausal) I’ve been having even more issues. I went back to a therapist to freshen up my coping skills. That helped immensely. I also exercise 6 days a week, journal, do meditations using the Calm app, and make sure I talk openly to my friends and family about it so it doesn’t feel like I’m in it alone. If you have any questions or ever need someone to talk to about it feel free to message me. Just remember every day is a new day. Just because one was difficult the next may be better. 


I too suffer from anxiety. I’ve had bad days and worse days. Exercise does help me. Lately I’ve been using light therapy (Luminette) for 30 minutes each morning, which really seems to help. I also use the Calm app for a few minutes each morning. I haven’t taken medication, I’ve heard it packs on weight, which would send me into a tailspin! I hope that helps. Best of luck to you. 


isn't it a yucky feeling?!  I've had GAD probably for much of my life but was diagnosed after grad school.  I have found significant relief after going gluten free (for other reasons).   I still have 'flare ups' around my cycle each month, but keeping up with exercise as you do is definitely helpful.  I love to do the hard workouts around this time to quiet my brain, but also find throwing some yoga in there is even more helpful.  You are not alone  🙂 


GAD is a common issue especially for women. I’ve struggled my whole life. I have yet to find a way to make it go away but recommend acupuncture, app called MindShift, biofeedback, 3 minute mindfulness YouTube videos, tapping, emdr, all can take the edge off or give some relief even if it’s brief. Good luck