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Meet Your Women's Health Guide, Dr. Saru Bala

Community Manager
Community Manager


Dr. Saru Bala is a Naturopathic Physician specializing in women’s hormonal health. She focuses on helping women manage period pain, PMS, and other period issues without the use of birth control. By using nutrition, herbs, and lifestyle changes like sleep, stress management, and cortisol regulation, Dr. Bala helps women achieve the hormonal health they’ve been searching for. 


You can find Dr. Saru in the Women's Health, Better With Age, and Grounding & Centering groups. Follow those groups as well so you can join the conversation 😁


Say hello 👋 in the comments below and tag @Saru_B with all your questions on women's health!

Want to learn more about wellness from Dr. Saru?

Check out her resources here!