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“I hope to both support you and join you in exploring intuitive eating, non-diet nutrition, fueling for the movement or many movements that you love to do, and rediscovering freedom and pleasure with food.” - Heather Caplan


Heather (@Heather_C) is an anti-diet Registered Dietitian, founder of Weight Inclusive Nutrition, and podcast host located in Colorado. Her favorite ways to move are running, hiking, and carrying kids around. Check out the video below to hear more about Heather, her approach to food, and navigating your own relationship with food.


In Her Words:

  • Three words to describe myself are... friendly, sarcastic, and curious
  • I feel powerful when... advocating for myself, writing, and heading out on a run 
  • My wellness interests are... movement, writing, non-diet nutrition, and self-expression

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You can learn more about Heather by checking out her website here.


Hi @Heather_C - I’m still a little confused on “intuitive eating” - I deal with sugar cravings so does this mean I should eat sugar when I feel that way? I’d love some tips or if you can share some resources I’d appreciate it 🙏


Hey @aquagal49 ! Thanks for your question. 🙂 I know that the ideas of eating intuitively can feel a little confusing when most of what we hear about nutrition comes with rules and rigidity. This is probably a more complicated question -- e.g. if we were working together 1:1 we could explore how often you're craving sugar, whether you're meeting your energy needs on most days, whether this happens around workouts or another "predictable" time of day, etc -- but the short answer could be an invitation to Yes, have some sugar if you're craving it! 

Some tips for continuing to think about this: how often are you craving sugar? how often do you honor that craving? do you notice this happens predictably / consistently, or more sporadically? what is your relationship to sugar/added sugars?  I could definitely explore this more in a full post, if that would be helpful! 🙂 


Hi, I’m a new member. My cholesterol is creeping up. How do I monitor my cholesterol without a blood test. I’ve bumped up my exercise classes to 4x a week, but strenuous exercise is difficult because I have plantar fasciitis. I also bumped up my veggie intake, too. My bad cholesterol is just at 100. Im not a heavy meat eater, but should I become a vegetarian (I wouldn’t mind)


Hi @DMFrench ! Welcome 🙂 I don't know of any ways to monitor cholesterol levels without a blood test. A few general things that research has shown to support healthy cholesterol levels include increased fiber intake, fruits and veggies (like you mentioned), and intake of unsaturated fats (e.g. olive oil, certain fish, avocado, etc). A major factor in cholesterol health is overall stress, as well. So for example, balancing "strenuous exercise" with more moderate movement like walking and/or yoga, could be helpful. 

Hi, I just started to diet and I am feeling very sad. Also I get these crazy hunger cravings towards the end of the day. Any tips on how to better manage them. Thank you
@Heather_CI think you rock, I am starting to like you 😊I saw your intro and you mentioned the word “intuitive” and perked my ears. From a nutrition aspect I never heard that term, I love it! I am no longer on any diets, I self-educated on nutrition, I cook for myself often, eat superfoods and as a result I am in the best shape of my life. I am really active, play soccer, cycle, ski, hike tons and I also manage type 1 diabetes, which can be a challenge but never stopped me. I also practice meditation which has put me touch with intuitive guidance. This is all so “intuitive”! Thank you for being here and I will be engaging with you!