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Meet Your Mental Health Guide, Nichomi Higgins

Community Manager
Community Manager


Nichomi Higgins is a dynamic speaker, leader, and mentor lighting the path to wellness and fulfillment for women in leadership and entrepreneurial roles around the globe. She has also partnered with non-profit agencies to launch community-wide mental wellness programs that significantly improved mental-health literacy and access to care in underserved communities of color. Nichomi is driven by an intuitive desire to help high-performing women actualize boldly aligned lives through curiosity, radical self-compassion, and spiritual attunement. 


You can find Nichomi in the Mental Health, Prioritizing You, and Grounding & Centering groups. Follow those groups as well so you can join the conversation 😁


Say hello 👋 in the comments below and tag @Nichomi_H with all your questions on mental health!

Want to learn more about mental health from Nichomi? Check out her resources here!

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