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    Meet Your Mental Health Guide, Lauren Rosen

    Community Manager
    Community Manager


    Lauren Rosen is a psychotherapist and the Director of the Center for the Obsessive Mind, an outpatient clinic specializing in the treatment of OCD, anxiety disorders, and eating disorders. Lauren thrives on supporting others in their pursuit of living full and rich lives while contending with a whole host of thoughts and feelings. Brains can be tricky. Learning how to operate them effectively is key! In the service of helping people navigate the ins and outs of their minds, Lauren’s work focuses on evidence-based treatments, namely Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Exposure & Response Prevention, & Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. 


    You can find Lauren in the Mental Health, Nutrition, and Prioritizing You groups. Follow those groups as well so you can join the conversation 😁


    Say hello 👋 in the comments below and tag @Lauren_R  with all your questions on mental health!

    Want to learn more about mental health from Lauren? Check out her resources here!