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What's your morning routine like?


Mornings are my favorite part of the day.


When I take the time to take care of a few things that help me to feel good, like movement, taking my herbs or journaling, I start to feel more balanced and prepared to tackle the rest of my day! It's also when I find myself most able to sit down for meditation.


Everyone has a different way of starting the morning. Do you have any morning rituals?


If not, what are some things you know would help your day unfold a little smoother if you began practicing?


If you are not a "morning-person" what time of day helps your to feel most balanced?*


*hint: that may also be the prime time for you to incorporate a little meditation practice, if you're looking for the best time)




I used to wake up at the last possible minute - but now I like to wake up early enough in the morning where I can enjoy the start to my day. My boyfriend and I sit and enjoy a cup of coffee on our balcony, before the hectic work day starts. It’s a good way to make time for one another. I also commit to at least 5 minutes of breathing or flow; my day is significantly better when I start it off with intention! 

I love the simplicity of your routine. Just a few minutes of breathing to start the day off. SO powerful!


I used to really resist creating structure around my morning, but I will say, adopting a consistent morning routine (a super simple one too!) has changed the game for my mental and emotional wellbeing throughout the day. I let my routine vary depending on what I need each day, but some non-negotiables for me are always:


1. Leaving phone on airplane mode until after at least 5 mins of intentional breathwork + meditation

2. Drinking a full glass of water (often warm lemon water!) before having any caffeine

I love the idea of having non-negotiables while allowing for the rest of the routine to organically unfold. I could see this being supportive for very busy days. 


One thing that has improved for me during COVID is my morning routine.  Before the pandemic, I was running out of the door for my 90 minute commute....usually grabbing something not super healthy for breakfast.  I've been working from home the last year and a half and in addition to getting more sleep, I'm able to make a healthy breakfast (well most days!), and I try to take a short walk without my work phone.  Hoping to keep some of this when we return to the office!


Hi Everyone, I am definitely "a morning person". I love love getting up at least by 5:00am and start my day with a prayer and self-reiki before I get out of bed. Next, my dinacharya (daily sahdana in Ayurveda). The personal hygiene rituals including elimination, scraping tongue, brushing teeth, feeding my little cat :), drinking warm lemon or lime water, meditation, yogasana, prayer, chanting, going out in to my yard to water/talk to my plants :), go for a walk/hike on the trails nearby and coffee :), and breakfast. On "work" days (bookkeeping business) I start by 9:30am, other days studying Ayurveda and research. It makes me feel amazing being up before the sunrises and as the birds are starting to fly around singing. THIS sets the tone for my day. Love it.