What’re your favorite scents?


When I’m feeling stressed or anxious, I take 30 seconds to light a one of my favorite candles or start my diffuser. My current favorite is the Rosalita candle from Boy Smells, but the fragrance is a bit too strong for everyday in my opinion. What’re your favorite oils and/or candles??


Can’t wait for your recommendations.   



Ooh love this! Haven't tried Boy Smells but will give your favorite a shot!


I have a couple of favorites but my splurge candle is Le Labo's Santal (and I do mean SPLURGE), but it really relaxes me and makes me feel cozy and peaceful. I have a really strong sense of smell so I have to make sure the scents aren't too overpowering and this one works really well.


I'm also a huge essential oils fan and carry around a few different Sage essential oils - they have ones to relax, to boost energy and even for pain management! I live for Sage's peppermint halo roll on when I have a headache or am tired and need a boost.

I LOVE boy smells. I just wish they would make diffusers. Oddly they make intimates. Fun fact!


I love the Goddess candles collection by Goddess North- she’s a spiritual teacher and wellnesspreneur in the Bay Area - each goddess candle has a different scent- I’m enjoying Hestia at my new fireplace which was a great housewarming gift https://www.instagram.com/p/CJocAlAnUqh/?utm_medium=copy_link


Palo Santo FTW! Candle or actual wood form 🙂 @danielle ... pretty sure I got you this as secret holiday gift before we really knew each other. I think now you might have guessed it was me!