Sunday self-care help!


I'm seeing a lot of talk these days about self-care rituals for Sunday evenings. Honestly Sunday evenings feel stressful for me getting the house ready for the week and cooking dinner. What's everyone doing—are you taking bubble baths, reading, burning sage, or something else? I'd love to make a list for myself to try some new things. Thanks!



I find that my week goes so much smoother if I make time on Sundays to meal plan, grocery shop and  prep (lunch and dinners) for the week. It takes some time but really keeps me on track for eating healthy meals and prepared when I don't feel like cooking after work. Tonight I made this Crunchy Thai Peanut & Quinoa Salad and it was oh so good! 

I was going to say the exact same thing! I use Sundays to meal prep. While it feels busy, it sets me up so well for the rest of the week and saves me time and stress later in the week. For me, it's self care because I'm taking care of my future self! I also usually use Sundays for stretching and/or yoga. 


Great question.  I like to carve out at least 30 min of me time.  It isn’t necessarily Sunday evening.  Sometimes my husband will watch the kids Sunday morning while I get a quick exercise in or while I make a run to my local cafe for a matcha latte.  For me self-care means doing something I enjoy.  It is nice to start the week with some me-time with no guilt or judgement about it.  

I feel you, @MollJ84. Sundays stress me out because it's always hard navigating both getting on top of getting ready for the week ahead AND making the most out of the weekend. My Sunday ritual is to go to the grocery store - knowing what meals I'll be having during the week gets me excited for the week ahead.


Family time, and no stream about the house. That’s my ritual. Of course dishes done and everything put away, but no stress if the dog leaves his toy out and the throw blanket isn’t folded, as long as there is happy family there is a happy house. 


My Sundays vary too much for me to be consistent, so my self-care time is lunchtime in Friday. Once a month I go for a facial. Quiet room, lights low, no phone... the calm carries me thru the rest of the day & sets me up for a good weekend ahead.


Nature calms me, so while I do meal plan and grocery shop on the weekend, I also make sure I get outside.  I like to make it feel special by visiting a place I typically wouldn’t get to during the week.  Even if it’s just a local park.  I like to hike, but sometimes my body just wants to sit under a canopy of trees.  That feels 

calming to me.   I also like meditate on Sunday evenings.