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    Recognising Peace In The Little Moments


    This morning I took my son to baseball practice; but i needed to get some work done. So with laptop, airpods and coffee in hand I found a bench and set up shop! 10 minutes in I realized that I really had no desire to work. Instead, I closed that laptop and gave myself permission to stretch out on the entire park bench to enjoy a little sun and music. At one point I dozed off and i remember thinking, "thank you for this little slice of peace"! Hoping you all find a little slice of peace where you least expect to. 

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    Thank you for the reminder. Yesterday I had a few hours to myself so I decided to light some candles, eat some pasta, and journal @Nichomi_H 


    @Nichomi_H - This is a great reminder that we should try to get ME time to help boost our production.  Good for you!!  I hope you have found MORE time for YOU!