Low social battery


How is everyone dealing with being social/outside again? I was happy to be around family for 4th of July weekend, but feeling super drained this week. I want to figure out ways to recharge or, increase my social battery



Totally with you on this, @GoodbyeVal! I had a very busy last few weeks, and I was EXHAUSTED. So to recharge, I made sure not to make any plans for the week following and made really simple (but tasty) meals at home every night while watching a mindless show (right now that means lots of Love Island). 


I hope you find your own way to recharge but wanted to share what works for me!

Community Manager
Community Manager

@GoodbyeVal I've been pushing myself to dedicate a few days to being alone, and then a day or two to hang out with my friends. Practicing this balance has helped me increase my battery and gives me time to recharge! 

@GoodbyeVal - you are not alone! I am especially booked up with outings and events in the summer time and I look forward to the weekends that are free to rest and recharge! Since these weekends are few and far between these days, I make sure to prioritize my health and wellbeing during the downtime (and even put it on the calendar to remind myself!). I go for a walk, sit out in the sun for a bit, listen to music - just ahhh me time!


I'm trying to turn some meetings into walking meetings. It's weird to ask someone "hey, is it okay if we don't zoom and just do a walking meeting," but people WELCOME it!!