Healing from surgery


Hi there. I’m Beth and I live in Savannah, GA. I am an active tennis player and very lucky we can play year round here in Georgia. I am 54 and decided when I was 50 to have breast augmentation.  Four years later I was not happy with them and just had surgery last week to remove them. I will be sidelined for a while from tennis and any other aerobic activity. I was excited to join Athletawell hoping I could find some ways to work on making my body and mind healthy again while I heal. Looking for ideas on breathing exercises and meditation. Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks 


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Community Manager

@Bethrobinson I hope you're healing process is going well! It is so nice to hear that you are being proactive on maintaining a healthy mind and body. @Leada_M is our Physical Therapist Guide you may have some healing-friendly exercises for you. @Margeaux_H and @Rachel_M may also have some breathwork/meditation exercises that can help. Sending you good vibes and hopes for a speedy recovery 🙂


Welcome to Athletawell @Bethrobinson! Congratulations on a successful surgery, I know those can take a toll when you can't play the activity you love for a bit. I'm so glad you mentioned it though. I would recommend continuing to work on easy shoulder and light range of motion as things heal.  Elliptical, bike, and walking with lower body strengthening are great for this. You can also add some easy shoulder exercises and progress as your upper body allows, seeing a PT would be great for this! Swimming works great and you can opt for using a kickboard for your arms if your shoulders aren't up for the task, or switch to breast stroke so it's a bit easier.


It's also not uncommon to be tempted to breathe though the chest instead of the ribs after a surgery like this. 


My 3 favorite tips that are great for pain relief that I commonly give to patients:


1) Belly breathing: place on hand on your chest and one on your belly. Breathe in through your nose and try to minimize the chest rise by focusing on the belly rise. 


2) 360 breathing: Hold a resistance band around your lower ribs, and place one hand on your chest. Try to take breaths into the band and filling up the lower lungs 360 degrees!


3) Overall tips: exhale longer than you inhale. This will help with nervous system regulation and avoiding feeling lightheaded. 


Let me know if you have any questions about particular pain points! I'm here as your resource 😊