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Burnout // Recovery is Possible!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Just because burnout is common, doesn't mean you have to just deal with it. Stress can weigh heavy on your mind, body, and spirit - but there's hope for recovery!


Check out these tips on how to alleviate stress and combat feelings:


Get outside. Did you know just 10 minutes of walking a day has been found to reduce symptoms of depression, anxiety, and stress and improve overall mental health? Watch this 2-min video to learn more.


Take a break. Women are everything to so many people, that sometimes we forget to pause and take a moment for ourselves. Stop and take 1 minute of deep breathes - let's begin.


Say "no"If there is one way to show yourself respect it is to set boundaries with those around you. See how others are making time for themselves and join the challenge.


Practice mindfulness. Stress management is a tool you can incorporate in your day-to-day routine. Follow the 4-min body scan and jump into the conversation.


Grow from stress. Look for the silver lining (there always is at least one) and ask yourself, what is stress teaching me at this moment? Read about stress on sleep and share your story.


🗣What does burnout look like for you? If you've found any helpful tips to combat burnout. please share in the comments!




I've been trying to take more breaks for myself lately. Between working, taking care of the house, and caring for my family, I don't take a few minutes for myself. I also realize I don't know what I like anymore. Now I'm working on figuring out myself again