Why did you join AthletaWell? Feedback wanted!

Community Manager

Something motivated you to join.  And we want to know what that something was. 


In the comments below, tell us what you were most excited about when you first joined AthletaWell.  What was the thing (or things!) that brought you here. 


For example, was it: 

A. The areas of expertise covered by our Guides

B. Online workouts from obé Fitness friends

C. Livestream events, workshops, and zoom chats 

D. Ability to connect with other like-minded women 

E. Ability to connect with our expert Guides

F. Ability to find answers to well-being questions you may have  

G. Ability to learn more about well-being topics you care about 

H. You heard from a friend how amazing AthletaWell was 😉

F. Something else??


We’re here to build the best community for you. To make AthletaWell a true well-being resource for you, don't hold back!  We're here for the feedback.


Other feedback on your mind? Use the comments to share more about your AthletaWell experience. 


The $25 Shop Card promotion ends Monday, 10/4/2021 at 11:59pm PT. Those who completed the survey and commented on this post will receive their Shop Card via Direct Message.



To be informed of in store activities when it’s safe again 


Where have you been!  I need you.  All of you.

I turned 60 early this year, lost 80 pounds over the past couple of years, started exercising a little more regularly and I notice so many changes in my body.  I need help navigating all these changes.  Doctors don't have time, girlfriends do though.  I'm just not sure that I am getting knowledgeable information from them but Now I have You!  


For me it was the chance to connect with other members and the guides -- without all the drama/toxicity you can find in some social media type groups.  Looking forward to trying out the workouts!


For me it was D. Connecting with like minded women in a safe space that promotes wellbeing with fabulous guides, and not to mention the fashion = a great BIG yes please!