Office Hours: Meet Team AthletaWell

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi AthletaWell Members! We are hosting our first ever hourlong virtual Office Hours session to answer any and all of your questions about AthletaWell. We've curated this community with YOU in mind and look forward to hearing about your questions, goals, and well-being priorities from you directly. We can't wait to build the future of AthletaWell community together with you. 


Ask us anything! (including, but not limited to):

  • how we came up with the name AthletaWell
  • how we'll foster a safe and inclusive space for our members
  • which well-being Spaces we'll launch next
  • where this journey will take us together


Drop all of your questions below for us, and we'll answer them directly on Thursday, July 1 at 10am PST. We can't wait to hear from you.



Can’t wait!

Yay!! Drop any questions you have for us @Sarah_E 


Can I buy clothes here?

Hey @Rdavila - I'm so glad you asked this question. While you can't purchase Athleta apparel on AthletaWell - we do encourage you to chat about your favorite Athleta products in the Style & Products space. But to make any purchase, please check out 🙂


Hello AthletaWellTeam! So happy to be here. My first question is what was the intent behind creating this community? 

Great question @mmyogabeach2, AthletaWell was created to be a community where women can come together, and talk freely and openly about the various wellness topics that affect them. We want to create a place where women are able to come together and connect with one another! This is a safe space created by women for women, and we can only hope you enjoy it as much as we do ❤️


Is there an app or is this only for desktop?

Hey @kj36928 - great question. We will be a part of the Athleta app in the coming months! For now, check out this tutorial on adding websites to our home screen on iPhone. 


Hi @AthletaWellTeam ! I can’t find AthletaWell on the website, how do I find it without going back to my email?

Hey there @mimi4064, the best way to find us it to bookmark the link to your search engine! That way you can get to it a lot faster so you never miss any of the action 😉


What types of events will you be doing? 

We are so excited about our events! They will be on a variety of different wellness topics hosted by our Guides or from our Community Managers. Our events will range from from fireside chats, to live fitness sessions, or even hangouts. Check out this month's events here  @oaktownish !


How'd you all come up with the name AthletaWell???

Awesome question @obsurfergirl ! AthletaWell is a community directly linked to Athleta's mission; a community dedicated to your well-being - built by women, for women. Well-being is at the heart of this Community, because well-being isn't a destination, but a journey that isn't a solo mission.


Thank you for inviting me! I'm really loving the conversations I'm seeing so far and eager to dive deep, but I'm curious how you're moderating and ensuring that this is actually a safe place for those deep conversations. I see a lot of people get into post battles on Reddit and Twitter. 

So glad you're enjoying the space @Bhylton ! This is a safe space for all members here. Not everyone has to agree with one another, but we foster a Community that can have open and respectful conversations about personal experiences without putting others down. Our Community Guidelines highlight the accepted agreements for being in the space. In addition to that, if you see inappropriate content, you can report the post or user so they can be further looked into!


Hi AthletaWell! I'm a health coach 🥑 and very excited to join in on the health and nutrition conversations taking place here. Will there be opportunities for me to connect with other coaches here on the platform for potential brainstorms and collaborations?

Hi there @aquagal49, we hope to bring networking opportunities or events in the future for members to connect with one another! Just hold tight, we know you're not alone 😙


Is this exclusive? My friend tried to look up athletawell on google and nothing came up.

Hi there @GoodbyeVal ! While we are not exclusive, we are a new community so we are inviting members to come and check out the community as a sneak peak for now. We will have more details once we've broken in the space, so stay tuned 😎


AthletaWellTeam!! I used to work at Athleta and love love love the brand, the people, and what it stands for. Just saying hi and that I'm so proud of you for building this! 💗 

Thank you for the support @LauraH ! So excited for you to enjoy the space ❤️

Community Manager
Community Manager

love the questions! keep them coming, so excited to start this journey with everyone ❤️


Hello! I like the breadth of Spaces you're offering. As a mom of two young girls, curious if there will be any Space to learn about building confidence with girls or being a "girl-mom". Would love to connect with other girl-moms (or any mom!)!

@MollJ84  - I'm also a new "girl-mom" and constantly thinking about what I can do long term to build confidence, empathy, resilience etc. I've noticed that my own language can be powerful with how I talk about her in front of myself, family and friends. I'm trying to avoid focusing on appearance first "you're so cute" "that dress is pretty" and instead focus on her abilities like "wow, you're so strong", "I'm so impressed by ...". Looking forward to connecting here on AthletaWell! 

I'm so glad you both are here and excited to connect @MollJ84 @Charmed ! Our 'Spaces' are always expanding and looking to create places where people can talk about what's most important to them. There are also other ways to connect with other moms like starting conversations, attending events, and reaching out to each other one on one.